The undersigned Professor Alfredo Alberto Llaca Le Blanc, is communicating to your association, about my grandson, Cesar Augusto Llaca Atondo.

I will start my comments informing you that currently I am Principal in an Elementary School in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico. In this school, in over 20 years, I have opened the school doors to students with special needs, including kids with autism. Our school accepts these kids who were denied the opportunity to enroll in other schools. This direct contact with them has helped me to understand, know and comprehend their moods, behaviors and the way they are and act.

As my grandson became one year old and he started walking, I started to see certain autistic behaviors. When he was about 2 years old, I had no doubt.

Looking for answers in the internet, in magazines, and in conversations with Special Education Teachers, everything indicated that I needed to appeal to Pediatricians, Psychologists, Neurologists, etc. Nevertheless, I was looking for something different. While visiting several educational and medical institutions in Nogales, Arizona, I met a lady who, upon seeing that I wasn’t satisfied with her advice, suggested that I call Jenny Culver Hill. I called and she kindly answered my call and invited me to her home. In our interview I felt she was the person that should know my grandson’s condition and help with his treatment. We next met her with our whole family, and with Jenny’s great affection and enthusiasm, which she has always had towards us, we began this change that we had searched so diligently for in Cesar’s treatment.

As of April of 2012, we have followed all her indications to the letter on things related to his nutrition: vitamins, proteins, probiotics, special water and annual light and sound therapies. I want to mention that all the support I have described has been absolutely free. The changes and improvements in Cesar’s conduct, can be clearly seen as follows:

  • Improvement in his digestive system (Diarrhea was eliminated)
  • He is able to see people and objects
  • He responds to his name
  • He responds to family affection (he likes to be hugged).
  • He allows the barber to touch his head when cutting his hair.
  • He does not like to be alone. (He likes to be in company with the family)
  • He avoids biting things.
  • He started exploring his face and relations with family members
  • He responds to commands.
  • He does not run back and forth in disorder when he is alone
  • With each day, he is more calm.

Finally, in the name of my family, I want to thank your benefactor organization for all the help we have received. We know that without this organization, we would not receive the benefits and support you have given us.

Our sincere warm feelings and gratitude to Jenny Culver Hill for the patience, attention, and gratitude she has brought us during these 3 and a half years, in which we have shared Cesar’s changes. We will always have her present in our thoughts and hearts.


Professor Alfredo Alberto Llaca Le Blanc

Nogales, Sonora

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