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Salutations Angels,

Lots of you to thank this year, thank God! Two companies stand out, Kirkman Labs and Pro Thera, each of which donated Nutritional Supplements, by the pallets no less, for the families of children with autism we serve here at Angels Purse. Imagine my joy at having so much to give away!! The Country Fair White Elephant, Nogales Debutante Cotillion, Masonic Lodge #11,Santa Cruz Board of Realtors, Southern Star #71, and Hill’s Arizona Optical all gave generously. Your 2014 gift was greatly appreciated. There are some of you that give every month and some who are new to this effort, some back to help again. Thank you for helping support this dream of mine. Together we are making a difference for kids with autism and their families. Bless you all; we would be lost without you.

All of our programs are still in play, gifting of supplements, lending library, provision of Sensory Learning, translations of information into Spanish available on our website (updated this year – check it out), scholarships and parent to parent counseling on beneficial interventions.

I was also able to address two autism support groups, one in Sonora and one in Arizona, both in Ambos Nogales. They were happy to have me speak about what I have learned helping Wally and what Angels Purse has to offer their children. I was also able to share information and supplements at the Back to School Conference on Autism sponsored by the Phoenix Chapter of the Autism Society of of America. Thanks to the aforementioned companies, I was able to give away tons this year – literally!

Many of you bought prints at Wally’s 3rd annual one man art show, Wally’s Awareness, in Patagonia last April at the Gathering Grounds. You can see some of Wally’s art on the website; there’s a slide show under the Wally’s Art tab, scroll down and let it load. Enjoy, more to come! Perhaps by next year we’ll have calendars, cards or shopping bags available. If you like, you could order by sending me an email.

I am working on a project this year which I hope to have completed by the time Wally graduates in June 2016. “Wally B. Well” will chronicle our journey in the wilderness of autism, “The Wally Report” which documents his 8 years of high school through a journal going back and forth between myself and the school staff and the 3rd of the companion book set, “Wally’s Awareness”, will show how interventions helped him and his art ability to flourish. This set will educated, encourage and inspire families to have courage, hope and determination; at least that is my intention. Likely I’ll speak some more, too.

The proceeds will go towards the goal of opening a home for adults with developmental disabilities which I’ll call Angels Arms. This will be a home for young men like Wally and Angel’s Purse, too. Ambitious I know, however, when wall was diagnosed 16 years ago autism was 1 in 5000, last year there were 1 in 64 in Arizona. I believe ambition is called for; hard work, sacrifice and lots of love, too.

So I’ll keep doing everything I can, will you? Please and thank you!

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