Established in 1999, by the Hill family of Nogales, Arizona, Angels’ Purse is dedicated to the service of families of children with autism. In fact, this entity came into being because of our son Walter’s autism. We were told that nothing could be done for our son. “Bring him back in another year for an evaluation.” the Doctor said “there is nothing we can do for your son.” Our son had diarrhea for three years. “Kids with autism have diarrhea.” That is what mainstream medicine had to offer us. This was less than helpful.

So, the search for answers was on. My son became my teacher. Learning his needs led me to share the answers we found. Thank God for the brave souls who are finding answers about the causes and treatments that are available to us as parents of children within the autistic spectrum. Thank God I found out about the Defeat Autism Now (DAN) conferences, and the nutritional supplements and the diets and the Auditory and Sensory Integration. Thanks be to heaven for people like Temple Grandin, whose book “Thinking in Pictures” opened up the door for me to see the world from Wally’s point of view. Temple has authorized Angels’ Purse to translate her new book “The Way I see it.” This will be available soon for your viewing.

Thank God became my mantra and the manifestation of my gratitude for ways to help Wally became this entity called Angel’s Purse. Because the only thing worse than not knowing what to do to help your child, is being unable to afford to do so. That is where we come in.

Our mission is to provide practical assistance to the families of children within the autistic spectrum. That help takes the form of gifts of nutritional supplements, translations of information into Spanish, use of a lending library of books and videos from conferences and the provision of the twelve day intervention that “rewires the hard drive” called Sensory Learning. The combination of motion, light and sound therapy that has helped our son immensely.

This year we have launched this web-site which houses archives of the Spanish translations we have had made. In fact, “Treating Autism” by Bernard Rimland, PhD. and Stephen Edelson, PhD. is still being translated and we have to keep adding chapters as they are translated. Dr. Rimland heads the Autism Research Institute that is so valuable a resource for the parents of children in the autistic spectrum.

This web site has a listing of the Spanish translations of papers on autism that are currently available. There is also a page with links to various autism sites that are helpful and full of information in English (especially the www.autism.com. that is the Autism Research Institute’s website).

I dedicate this web site to Temple Grandin, Bernard Rimland, Mary Bolles, Bill Shaw and all the DAN Doctors that are leaders in the autism community and the world at large. Also to the Kaufman family at the Option Institute for inspiring me to join my son. through you Son-Rise program. I am grateful to you all for your fortitude and courage.

My undying gratitude to Dave Humphrey and the good people at Kirkman Labs for all the donated product that they have given us to for the families. We couldn’t have done this without their generous support. Dr. Kenneth Bock, Tim Terry From Nordic Naturals, Lisa Clark and Devon Houston from Houston Nutriceuticals, Klaire Labs, Alacer Corporation and Mannatech’s Mannarelief Division have all been very generous in the donation of nutritional supplements and in offering professional discounts for us to purchase product for our gifting program. Their ongoing support is essential to our mission; in fact, we rely on donations to keep this program going.

The private donations of friends, family and other parents have kept this boat afloat to help the angels with autism that we serve. We would like to thank the County Fair White Elephant, Nogales Debutante Coalition, Nogales Masonic Lodge #11, Santa Cruz County Board of Realtor’s and the City of Nogales. A special thank you to all, you are all angels.

I trust the information on this website will open the door for you and that your child will benefit from one or more of our programs. Angel’s Purse is run on the donations we receive from people like you. We are volunteers. You can be a part of this miracle by sending your tax-deductible donations or requests to:

Angel’s Purse, Inc.|
526 Kino Springs Drive
Nogales, AZĀ 85621

Angel's Purse, Inc.

526 Kino Springs Drive
Nogales, Arizona 85621
(520) 604-6009
Tax ID # 86-0975180

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